What One Can Learn From Domino Online Indonesia?


What One Can Learn From Domino Online Indonesia?

Since time immemorial mankind has been intrigued by mysteries of uncertainty and that’s why one all dwell on things like Does life exist elsewhere or what happens in the afterlife. Similarly, Gambling amazes they with its 

  • uncertain outcome 
  • an intent of winning big unexpectedly
  • a chance, a probability, a risk

The game of live casino online also has an unexplained intense affair and immense gratification for its user. Also known as internet gambling, involves playing the game with money and of course, internet access; can be anything Lottery, online Blackjack, online roulette, mobile gambling, and online sports betting. For a person, the fun part was the easy internet access and one would deduce further how their obsession just expanded.

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The Thrills, Dangers, and Addiction to domino online Indonesia

Everyone all fantasizes about something and one always did for gambling, what a way to fill excitement in your day to day activities. The door is always open.


Everyone all spends considerable time on the internet finding what one loves, “free to play” trick of online games introduced me to real money gambling, isn’t tough. Grasped the opportunity and one found many benefits of gambling like;

  • real bets with anonymous enthusiasts like myself
  • play at work, home, even gambling on their   smartphone
  • wagering at safest environment along with friends and at times with family
  • no one ever knew or asked their age, one won’t disclose it even now
  • recreation and also a new way to generate revenue, one also did, one    all are lucky at some days
  • Consumption of drugs and alcohol alongside, its greatest but wouldn’t suggest personally cause time and booze both increases and diminishes their gambling ability.

I increased their gambling hours to about 8-10 hours every day, half of their day, or half of their life. But one will overcome all their losses, one has done that before.



Wasn’t just the time but their alcohol intake also increased heavily, losses are common but one fine day one lost a heavy amount which wasn’t altogether their error because one was also misguided by the website to click on an offer for the registered advanced amateur? one-clicked just to check and here’s what one found;

  • The domino online Indonesia is not legalized as such no options if defrauded
  • Online casino or online poker table dealers are untraceable, believe me on this one
  • Identity theft, credit card trickery, accessibility to bank accounts, and PayPal accounts are far easier for online websites as ignorantly one has shared them all personal information from the very first day.
  • The proverb “House always wins” is a proverb for a reason.

But one will be bouncing back; one won’t let them fool me with many lucrative offers in the future. One is heartfelt that the website has cheated on me but that won’t kill their adrenaline rush and the excitement one has for the game; one intends to make sure one will be getting less and on safer sites that one has scrutinized over some time. 


You bet too heavy? You might have an addiction if you say yes for any of them, maybe there’s a concern. Three suicidal attempts one has observed; consider gambling just a sport, no addictions, please.


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